Norwegian Cruise

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Needless to say, the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) provides far more round-trip cruises from the United States and Canadian ports than any other cruise line. And this is an important feature because you may live in an area that allows you to drive to the port as opposed to absorbing the expense of boarding an airplane. When you book a Norwegian Cruise, you will see that it’s a grand combination of innovation, relaxation and freestyle cruising. From open seating and extended restaurant hours to several different dining spots and casual attire during the evenings, you’ll be in for one amazing vacation.

The toughest part about planning your Norwegian Cruise is deciding where you will go. NCL has a fleet of a dozen ships that set sail to nearly 140 ports all across the globe. Expect to be surrounded by modern features and vibrant colors. There are magnificent production shows, and a Monte Carlo-style casino just for adults. Want Internet access? On board there’s an Internet cafe so that you can keep family and friends up-to-date on your trip.

There are a wide range of fun activities and exciting entertainment for you to enjoy morning, noon and night. Here’s the names of a few of their fleet: Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Gem, and Norwegian Jade, just to name a few. Just so you know, there are romantic packages for couples and affordable packages for families. Imagine spending your honeymoon or having your wedding aboard a luxury cruise-liner. Picture your teenagers having their time of their lives with age appropriate activities just for them. Seriously, as soon as you book your Norwegian Cruise you’ll find you are in for quite an adventure.

Bergen, Norway – The Perfect Vacation Spot

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Bergen is a really beautiful city located in Norway. Placed on the west coast of the country, in Hordaland, Bergen is a popular tourist destination for visitors arriving from all over the world. There is so much to do and see while being in Bergen that there is no wonder so many people visit this city each year.

Located among a group of mountains and facing the Byfjorden, Bergen is an excellent destination for hiking, sightseeing, but also for cultural activities. There are numerous attractions you can visit in the city, as well as in the beautiful area surrounding it. Below you can find a list of some of the spots of interest you just have to visit while being in Bergen, Norway.

Attractions in Bergen, Norway

Bergen Art Museum


This is one of the most beautiful museums in Europe. This cultural venue is the largest art museum in the Nordic countries. In this spot visitors will find a series of art collections, including renaissance and contemporary art works. Works by Edvard Munch can be visited in this museum, as well.

Bergen Aquarium


The Bergen Aquarium is the perfect place to include into your route if you are traveling to the city with the entire family. This aquarium is home to an impressive aquatic life selection, including penguins and seals, as well. A collection of tropical fish, a shark tank and a underwater glass tunnel can be found in this beautiful venue.

Bergenhus Fortress


This is an absolutely impressive construction. Actually, the fortress is one of the oldest and best preserved in the country. It dates back to the 13th century. The Bergenhus Fortress has served as a royal residence for quite some time. It is quite an impressive place to visit.

Bergen Museum


This is the natural history museum of the city. Here, collections of botany, geology and zoology can be visited by all tourists. Enormous whale skeletons will impress visitors. Around the museum you can find a beautiful garden, too.



This is a charming park, popular for picnics, as well as summer activities. This is the best place to visit for a relaxing walk, during which you can admire the beautiful nature. The park was established in the late 1800s.

As you can assume, there are many other great attractions you can visit in Bergen, Norway. Spending a one of a kind vacation here is absolutely simple. The beauty you will find in this area of Norway will surely remain in your heart forever.

About Oslo Norway: A Traveler’s Paradise

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If a cruise to Norway is coming soon, you should know that there are many great cities you can visit in this country. Oslo surely is one of the most important. Oslo is the charming capital city of the country and a spectacular tourist destination for visitors arriving from all around the world.


When should I be in Oslo?

One of the most important things you should know about Oslo Norway, is that the city is placed in the proximity of no less than 40 islands. Oslo is filled with forests, parks and gardens, which have surely made this city a truly green vacation spot.

If you plan on visiting Oslo during the summer, you will be able to relax while enjoying the sun and the great natural beauty of the area. On the other hand, if you plan on visiting Oslo during the winter, you will surely be pleased to find out that the Norwegian city is a popular skiing destination, too.


What to visit in Oslo Norway?

While being in Oslo you can include into your route a wide range of tourist attractions. The architecture of the city is very impressing, while its charm is absolutely unique.

The Royal Palace

This is a really beautiful icon of the city of Oslo Norway. Tours inside this venue can be enjoyed during the summertime.

The National Gallery

This is the venue art passionate just have to visit. The art gallery features a wide range of famous works, including art of Norwegian and international artists.

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

This is an open air museum which features a wide range of buildings from various periods in the history of Norway. One of the main attractions of this museum is a city building that shows living conditions from the 1850s to the 1980s.


Other attractions you may include into your route while being in Oslo are listed below:

  • Norwegian Maritime Museum;
  • Viking Ship Museum;
  • Kon-Tiki Museum;
  • Farm-Museum;
  • Nobel Peace Center;
  • Oslo Cathedral;
  • Opera House;
  • Holmenkollen.

Learning more about Oslo Norway, before your arrival here is a great idea. This way you can be sure that you will not miss the city’s most important tourist attractions. Enjoying the best time in Oslo is really simple.

Top Cities To Visit In Norway

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Norway is a charming country. Tourists arrive here from all over the world with the purpose to spend unique vacations. If you plan on visiting this country, too, you should know that Norway is filled with amazing tourist attractions. Below you can find a list of the best cities to visit in Norway. Make sure to include them on your top Norwegian destinations and you will surely not regret it.

1. Bergen

Bergen is one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. This actually is the second largest city in the country. Bergen impresses with its beautiful nature, but also with its unique entertainment venues. The city offers excellent hiking opportunities and possibilities to attend fantastic cultural events. This city is also home to many shopping centers and malls, relaxation venues, festivals and museums. Some of the main attractions of the city, which should not be missed by any visitor, include Bergen Art Museum, the West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, Bergen Aquarium, Bergen Maritime Museum and St. Mary’s Church. Beaches, mountains and unique festivals confer a particular charm to this city.


2. Oslo

Oslo is the capital city of Norway and one of the most impressive cities in the country. This is the economic center of Norway, but also one of the most important cultural centers in this country. Oslo has a history of thousands of years and historic monuments that remind of various eras can still be admired in the city. The architecture of Oslo can also be described as unique. Numerous great tourist attractions can be visited here, some of the most important ones including the Royal Palace, Opera House, Oslo Cathedral, Henrik Ibsen Museum, National Gallery, Botanical Gardens, Frogner Park, Munch Museum and Emmanuel Vigeland Museum. Make sure to visit these spots of interest and you will definitely be conquered by the charm of Oslo.


3. Trondheim

Trondheim has actually become quite famous thanks to its amazing historical attractions. This is an old city located in the center of the country. The heritage of Trondheim is absolutely fascinating. The city impresses with its rich culture, but also with its great entertainment options, being one of the most exciting city centers in Europe. When being in Trondheim make sure to not miss some of the city’s main attractions. They include the Museum of Musical Instruments, the Archbishop’s Palace, Nidarosdomen and the Park Marinen. Of course, there are many other spots of interest you may visit while being in Trondheim. Include into your route the main venue of the city and spend a unique vacation here.


Other wonderful cities you can visit in Norway include Lillehammer, Geiranger, Drammen, Fredrikstad and Stavanger. Pick the destination that best matches the type of vacation you plan on enjoying and you can be quite sure that your trip will be a spectacular experience.

Best Attractions in Norway

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Visiting Norway is without a doubt a wonderful idea. If you plan on spending a perfect vacation in this great country, you should first make a list of the most important tourist attractions you can visit here. Below you can find a top of the best spots of interest located in Norway. Make sure to include at least some of them into your route and you can be absolutely sure that you will spend a wonderful holiday.

1. The North Cape

The North Cape is a spot that should not be missed if it happens for you to be in Norway in the near future. Actually, this is a top attraction within the country. More than 250,000 people visit this spot every year. The North Cape is a major tourist attraction during the summer, but it actually is a great spot to visit all year round. The North Cape is a monumental natural spot, which offers really spectacular views. There are unusual climatic conditions here, so you should be ready for anything. The North Cape is a spot you will never regret visiting, offering you the possibility to enjoy a really unique experience.


2. The Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord is a charming spot that impresses with its breathtaking views, waterfalls and cliffs. Nowadays, this is a World Heritage Site. Actually, it is important to know that most cruises include the town of Geiranger into their itinerary. If a Norwegian cruise is what you are willing to enjoy, check if it includes this town into its route. The Geirangerfjord is located at the half of the distance between Trondheim and Bergen. There are numerous popular activities that visitors may enjoy here. They include attending guided tours to admire the beauty of the area, hiking, fishing and boating.


3. Bryggen Wharf in Bergen

The old town of Bergen is also considered to be an important tourist attraction located in Norway. This actually is a charming old town, including spectacular 14th century Hanseatic buildings. The old town is free to visit by all visitors arriving in Bergen. This is a wonderful place to take photos. The old town features more than 60 buildings of the original wharf. They are all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


4. Vigeland Park in Oslo

The Vigeland Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the world. This is a public park and one of the most important tourist attractions in Oslo. The park contains the works of Gustav Vigeland, a very famous Norwegian sculptor after which the park was named. In fact, Vigeland Park homes more than 200 works of the artist. Within the park visitors will also find a souvenir shop and a cafe.


5. The town of Trondheim

The town of Trondheim is one of the oldest towns in Norway. This is a charming town that was first founded in 997. It homes a wide range of historic buildings. Beautiful wooden buildings may be visited within this town.


As you can see, there are numerous wonderful tourist attractions and great sights you can find in Norway. A vacation in this country can only be a wonderful experience. So, make your route, pack your bags and spend the best trip you have planned so far.

Freestyle Norwegian Crusing

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Embarking on a Norwegian cruise will definitely be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. You’ll have the opportunity to admire the natural delights of a wonderful land and every day will be an unforgettable moment, with new discoveries and amazing horizons.


You’ll be astonished by magnificent scenery, tradition, culture and a warm welcome will leave a lasting good impression. There is a wide diversity of on-board restaurants and entertainment facilities. As it’s your holiday, you can wear whatever makes you feel more comfortable, so a formal dress code is not a must.


Entertainment Facilities

Norwegian cruises provide several entertainment facilities such as:

  • outdoor and indoor pools
  • amazing dining rooms
  • wonderful nightlife
  • ice bars at sea
  • multi-slide Aqua parks
  • Vegas-style entertainment
  • spa
  • cinema
  • lounge bar
  • lounge chairs


You have the freedom to eat what you want and where you want, relax, socialize, so you’ll benefit from freestyle cruising. There are also various types of accommodation such as suites, luxurious rooms and apartments, inside, as well as balconies. If you want, you can also benefit from ocean view rooms, so you can choose whatever you like more.

Special Assistance

To make your Norwegian freestyle cruise a comfortable experience, there are cruise professionals specially trained to meet your needs. They offer:

  • special assistance before and during your cruise
  • wheelchairs, assistance and services for guests with mobility impairments
  • special services and assistance for guests who are blind or have a poor vision
  • services and assistance for guests who are deaf or have low hearing


When you board, you’ll be welcomed by staff who will provide you all the information you need. Staff members will be available throughout your cruise to meet your needs, so they will accommodate you.


Norwegian freestyle cruising offers theatre, casino, sports courts, fitness centre, cigar bar, jogging track, as well as Internet cafe, Jacuzzi, playgrounds for kids, steak house and many other facilities. You can also choose from many dining options and clubs, so if you want to have a great time, step on board for the perfect vacation.

Jewels of Norway That Must Not Be Missed

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Velkommen til Norge or Welcome to Norway! When embarking on a Norway cruise, you will admire and observe one of the most spectacular natural wonders on the planet. Be inspired by thundering waterfalls, enormous glaciers and snow capped mountains. All these can be seen from the deck of one of the luxury ships. Very few settings in the world inspire and enchant like Scandinavia. Here are some of the most amazing sites you can visit in Norway.



With a fabulous museum dedicated to Edvard Grieg, and one of the largest Aquariums in Europe you need to keep going to see Bergen. Just as well Norwegians love their coffee shops too.



Sit back and let the Flam Railway take you through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Simply the best way to see cascading waterfalls, snow capped mountains and pretty Scandinavian houses.



Sitting atop a cliff, the Akerhus Fortress is an incredible landmark and the perfect place to view the city and fjord from. And there is plenty to explore, with most than 700 years of buildings and history within its walls.

Geiranger Fjord


When a Norwegian cruise docks in the Geiranger Fjord, tourists will be treated to a site of extremes, with opportunities to explore both high and low. At water level, kayak tours take the tourists right up to the steep edges of the mountainsides by paddle, for a close-up view of nature’s majesty.



Alesund is a picturesque port with a distinctly Art Nouveau feel. With the Aksla Mountain overlooking the town, there is no shortage of magnificent views. After tourists have taken the 418 steps up Askla to the viewing point, retire to Alesund’s centre for a beverage in a suave coffee bar or a delightful cafe.

Book now for a Norwegian cruise and enjoy some of the most spectacular places in this beautiful Scandinavian jewel.

I Dream Of A Cruise In Norway

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SourceI dream of a Norwegian cruise since I was a little girl. I lived all my life in the United States of America, but I am really fascinated about Norway. I think it is a beautiful country and I wish to visit it during a beautiful cruise which could take me through a large part of the country. Such a trip is pretty expensive for me right now, but I plan to do it as soon as I finish my studies. I love to travel, but as a student I do not have many chances to leave the country, therefore, I stick to the territory of the America right now. I visited about half of the states, but I have a real attraction for Europe, which I am eager to see. An of course, I will start with Norway. My desire comes since I was little and since I read a book about a little girl that makes such a cruise with her father in order to get to know better her native country. I was fascinated by the story.

The descriptions in the book were amazing and breathtaking and I could not help but imagine myself in the place of the little girl traveling with a big boat through beautiful Norway. I am also interested in taking a Norwegian class before traveling there because I am eager to mingle with the locals each time the ship will stop in different ports. I am looking for a new experience, one that I cannot have in the United States. I look forward to meet new people and to learn more about life on the old continent.

Norway has a rich history, so I am excited about seeing some of its amazing places. I already started searching for the perfect Norwegian cruise and I found a few offers that would allow me to see the country through the eyes of the tourist, but also to get to see places that are not that famous, thus visited and to meet locals. I really want to speak their language, so although I do not afford the trip right now, because of the huge cost of the flight to Europe at least, I am looking to enroll in a language class as soon as possible. And until I will get to visit Norway, I hope to be able to communicate a little bit with the natives in their own language.

All About Colors With Norwegian Cruise Vacations

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The Norwegian Cruise is the perfect liner through which you can have a fun and colorful vacation. You are probably wondering why the cruise is colorful by this point. The reason for this statement is that the entire cruise liner is designed in amazing colors. You can see that from the start with the fact that the boat is atypically colored with various models and designs. In addition to this, the interior is one of the most colorful places a person has ever been in. This is a valid statement for most people, due to the fact that from the walls and to the smallest objects in each room, everything is painted in a fun and strong color.

The idea of the colorful cruise liners can be based on the possibility of creating an environment for the vacation that is fun and attractive to the eye. As the cruise period can be rather long in between stops for many people, the colors and the designs can help with the feeling of fun and with the impossibility of getting bored. From the bedrooms, to the halls and on deck establishments, everything is filled with color. The upholstery of all furniture pieces is so atypical it will surprise anyone. You can imagine lounging at the bar on pink armchairs or place some bets at the gambling table all decked in purple.

Even though the colors used on the Norwegian cruise liners are rather strong, which is not very pleasant to all people, they can create the best environment for a fun vacation. The atmosphere and the setting of the vacation is one of the most important parts, due to the fact that these are the elements that set the comfortability and the proper state of living for the course of the trip. Going on a sailing vacation needs even more of these aspects, as you may find that you are not very comfortable being on water for a long period of time. In addition these, the colors can create a fun vacation environment even more, as it is far from what you have probably seen before. If you are looking for a new type of vacation for the summer and are willing to try sailing, then a trip on the colorful and fun Norwegian cruise liner is the perfect option for you!

Norwegian Cruise For Honeymoon

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If you and your wife think where to spend your honeymoon, the Norwegian cruise is a great idea. Norwegian cruise is a nice way of spending a great time and enjoying the amazing views. You and your wife will have a great memory of this Norwegian cruise and will benefit from the best services and facilities. The Norwegian cruise  is a lifetime experience that you will love. It will be a wonderful time and will be great to visit so many places and go around the world. If many people travel by car or by plane, going on a Norwegian cruise is totally different. It is elegant and also very relaxing.

You will have the opportunity to admire a lot of things and will not get bored at all. The reviews of a Norwegian cruise are amazing: people say they had a great time and were very well treated. The atmosphere was relaxing, friendly and they had the opportunity to meet new people and socialize and to also find out a lot of new things. The prices for a Norwegian cruise are not very high, so it is worth choosing it. There are many advantages and the possibility to relax. Be sure you will adore the Norwegian cruise and will forget about the problems and stress. 

People find their peace and are also very relaxed on this Norwegian cruise. There are also several deals, so if you will benefit from one of them, will save a lot of money, but will still enjoy amazing services. Anyone who travels on this Norwegian cruise, will be treated as a V.I.P. Everything will be very well organized and you two will benefit from the best services, food and accommodation. It will be a memorable experience and there will be nothing to disappoint you. This is an incredible choice, so you will want to have it one more time. Enjoy a wonderful time on a Norwegian cruise with the person you love and make sure this will be one of the most incredible experiences in your life.

Romantic Getaways on a Norwegian Cruise

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If you are running out if ideas for romantic gestures, a couple’s vacation just might be the right solution for you. Being a part of a very romantic couple is very healthy for any person, as their life will be more relaxed and pleasurable. An amazing option you have for a romantic getaway is the Norwegian Cruise. There are many secondary choices to make in this respect as well, but you will find that no matter what you choose it will be perfect. Any of the Norwegian Cruise possibilities will take you on a great tour. From the coastal point to the ports of stop and back, you will have everything you need to feel right at home on the cruise boat. Luxury and sophistication are the words that describe all cruises. However, the Norwegian Cruise brings the element of uniqueness here, through the many establishments located on deck, which offer couples a chance to experience a variety of activities and events.

The Norwegian Cruise offers romantic getaways in the form of designated packages for couples. These are created as such to meet all the possible wishes a couple may have when going on a romantic vacation. The accommodation means on the Norwegian Cruise liners are designed in an intimate and romantic way. The room will enable you to have comfortable and pleasurable moments, which you will remember for the rest of your life. The packages also include dinning options. The restaurants found on deck will cover the aspects of setting the mood for romance and will serve you exotic and aphrodisiac meals on request. Lastly, the activities that can be taken on board can ensure lovely times, through games and plans created for two people. 

The Norwegian Cruise is an extravagant solution for a romantic getaway. The couple can plan for the trip together or one of the members can surprise the others with this wonderful occasion to go on a Norwegian Cruise. Do not forget to ask for the couple packages in order to make sure that all that is booked for the Norwegian Cruise revolves on the idea of love.

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